Auger Bore, Pipe Ramming & Tunneling

Providing Maximum Impact. Environmentally Friendly. Highly Effective.

These methods minimize impact on the environment and traffic flow and have social and economic benefits. It is a highly effective way to cross railways, highways, roadways, canals and utilities in a variety of geological conditions with minimal disruptions. Steel, fiberglass and reinforced concrete are the common types of pipe that are installed.


  • Pipe installations range between 12″ to 72″ in diameter and lengths in excess of 500′

  • Accommodate most ground conditions


  • Installation of steel pipe in cobble rock and free-flowing soil conditions using pneumatic percussion hammer with minimal risk of settlement

  • 4″ to 60″ casing installations up to 400″ in length


  • 12″ to 48″ multi-staged casing installation with lengths up to 500′ on line and grade

  • Can be used in tandem with Auger Boring and Pipe Ramming to achieve higher accuracy bores


  • The preferred method when there is limited space, cobbles, boulders, and underground conflicts

  • 48″ and above with a wide variety of parameters to meet the demands of the project

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