HDPE & Fusible PVC Fusion

Capabilities for on-site above ground or inside structure fusion solutions

A process in which piping is melted and bonded together forming a new standardized pipe. Global Underground has the capability and qualifications to provide onsite butt fusion, electrofusion and debeading services above ground or inside of a structure, building or pit/trench. We data log all fusions completed with our hydraulic machine to keep records of the fusion and its key parameters.

HDPE & Fusible PVC Fusion

Global Underground technicians are:

  • Trained and certified to fuse HDPE pipe ranging from 1″ up to 60″

  • Removal of ID and OD beads from HDPE pipe fusions ranging from 4″ to 60″

  • Class II trained and certified to fuse Fusible PVC® pipe ranging from 4″ up to 16″

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