Horizontal Directional Drilling

Providing Big Results with Minimal Surface Impact

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a trenchless method of pipe installation that has minimal impact on surface areas and structures.

  • Used to install pipes under highways, railroad tracks, steep slopes, rock formations, limited space corridors, bodies of water, and other environmentally sensitive areas
  • The most common pipe materials used are Fusible PVC®, Restrained Joint PVC, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and Welded Steel Pipe

A typical HDD installation will consist of drilling a pilot hole along a predetermined alignment and then pre-reaming the pilot hole to enlarge it to the desired size required for the pipe. The native material is replaced with water, bentonite and additives that can be easily displaced during the pipe pullback process. Once the borehole has been properly created and stabilized the pipe is pulled in.

Every technical bore has its own challenges and we use our experience, site-specific data, engineered calculations and risk analysis to help ensure that every HDD is completed safely and successfully.


Global Underground can provide:

  • HDD Design assistance or total engineering package
  • Turn-key services
  • On-grade gravity pipe installations

    Global Underground has successfully utilized HDD to install hundreds of thousands of feet of pipe up to 48” diameter and bore lengths over 5,000’. Our fleet of horizontal directional drills allows us to complete everything from service lines to large transmission pipelines. We have earned a reputation for being the go-to HDD contractor for very complex, high profile projects due to our continued success with these installations. 

    Over the years we have created thousands of relationships with project partners that continue to return to Global Underground for all of their HDD needs.  These partners include engineers, contractors, local and federal government agencies, private developers, and owners. 

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