Open Cut Excavation

Exceptional Results are the Product of  Time-Trusted Method

The Open Cut method of installing new or replacing existing underground utilities, is the most commonly used method in this industry and is a major component of Global Underground’s foundation.

Global Underground has performed thousands of open cut utility installations over the last 20 years for our customers across the United States. Our experienced crews have installed miles of waterlines, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and other types of utilities in both a safe and efficient manner, with the goal of always providing our customers with a final product of the highest quality.

Our open cut capabilities are often on display completing large, primarily open cut projects, but they are also regularly seen complementing and working with our trenchless operations.  We often assist our trenchless crews by excavating bore pits, completing pipeline connections, helping with pipeline fusion and layout, and providing worksite access and restoration.  One company, with the ability to construct all aspects of complicated projects, is an important benefit to our customers because they ultimately know they are dealing with one company that is responsible for the success of their entire project.

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